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Millwork Finishing


Commercial Millwork Finishing


At Casework Specialties , our finishing and painting stage is second to no other in importance to delivering high quality finished architectural woodwork for both residential and commercial interiors.

Architectural wood work finishing is an art and science that requires an investment of time and technology in order to stay current with the rapid pace of today's advancement within the industrial coatings Industry.

Finishing industry improvements are occurring regularly with respect to mixing chemistry, application systems tooling and technology; spray systems optimal fluid transfer volume control, atomization ratios and other important factors.

Casework Specialties finishers are highly skilled, conscientious and dedicated to creating a beautiful and durable finish to every piece of architectural millwork, casework and furniture that comes through our finishing department.

Our coating systems include both pre-catalyzed and post catalyzed coatings mixtures. We use a combination of hand wiped stain application and spray toning to achieve a rich consistent finish on all pieces and components of each project whether the components parts are architectural veneer plywood or solid hardwood members.

Wood Closet Panel Finishing
Our 7000 foot spray room allows us to finish large wood panels in full unit quantities of 4’ x 8' sheets with wood stain or paint colors. We finish rolls of wood edgebanding too. We stain and finish full sheet material (maple veneer ply, oak veneer ply, any wood material available) and rolls of edge banding so that once they are cut - banded – bored . . . . all wood closet materials will be beautifully finished ready for assembly and delivery to the end customer.

Woodwork Factory Finishing

Paint and Stain Coating

  1. Interior Doors & Cabinet Doors
  2. Crown, Base and Moldings
  3. Architectural Wall Panels
  4. Wainscot Panels Ceiling Beams
  5. Wood Counter Tops

Interior Woodwork Finishing

  1. Hospitality Interiors
  2. Commercial Interiors
  3. Residential Interiors
  4. Bars, Dining, & Reception
  5. Country Clubs
  6. Professional Offices
  7. Conference Rooms
  8. Ceiling Panels and Beams